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Ep 71 (w/ Jess Reed): Lamb Over Fair-Trade Quinoa

Unofficial UFOlogists/official comedians Brian Bahe and Sam Rose talk with comedian Jess Reed (@JessjustReedit) about cylinder UFO with changing stacks of lights over Rutland, Vermont; a bright white UFO zigzagging over Burlington, Vermont; and video of four orb UFOs over Minnesota.

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Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgFmmqX80l4

Ep 34 (w/ Anya Volz): That’s the Tingle

UFOlogists Sam Rose and Brian Bahe talk with comedian Anya Volz (@anyacado) about a UFO photographed over Salt River Canyon, Arizona; a UFO that may have landed in Cotulla, Texas in 2012; and a UFO videotaped on a farm near Burlington, Vermont.

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Ep 15 (w/ Carmen Lagala): Hawaiian Woodchip

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Carmen Lagala (@CarmenLagala, Bowl Cut Comedy) about a disc UFO photographed over Kaneoha Bay, Hawaii; a triangle-shaped UFO seen over Neuchatel, Switzerland; and an orb UFO sighting at a Vermont state fair.

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