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Ep 99 (w/ Ashley Bez): We Should All Clap for Our Therapists

Unofficial UFOlogists/official comedians Brian Bahe and Sam Rose talk with comedian Ashley Bez (@Bez) about a dark, reflective UFO with no lights over Ottertail, Minnesota; a red, sputtering flame over Cape Coral, Pennsylvania; and a vintage video from 1995 of a long series of lights over a mountain in Japan; and BREAKING news about the FBI shutting down the National Solar Observatory in Albuquerque, New Mexico because of “security concerns.”

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Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qzrzm-wg6c

Ep 49 (w/ Sarah Kennedy): Remember My Birth

Unofficial UFOlogists/comedians Sam Rose and Brian Bahe talk with comedian Sarah Kennedy (@Cerak, Dwellin’ On Ellen Podcast) about a bright blue UFO that multiplied into many UFOs over Pinon Hills, CA; a boomerang/triangle shaped UFO hovering and then disappearing over Wappingers Falls, New York; and a saucer shaped UFO caught on camera over the town of Progreso de Madero of Mexico’s Puebla state.

Twitter and Instagram: @UFOlogyPodcast

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