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Ep 74 (w/ Sam Ike): Alien Carny

Unofficial UFOlogists/official comedians Brian Bahe and Sam Rose talk with comedian Sam Ike (@TheSamIke) about a UFO or UFO’s lighted seen at Oriskany Falls, New York; a flash of light moving and leaving tracer lights over Big Horn, Wyoming; and a long, rod-shaped UFO that quickly moved over Boston, Massachusetts.


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Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7gWFkyugn0 

Ep 47 (w/ Nick Naney): Aliens Are Like Sky Sharks

Unofficial UFOlogists/comedians Sam Rose and Brian Bahe talk with comedian Nick Naney (@nicknaney, DogSlam Comedy, Late Mic) about two glowing orbs in the forest of Louisville, Kentucky; a red teardrop shaped UFO that dropped shooting star material over Anaheim, California; and a video of an orb UFO that flies by the wing of a plane over McDonough, New York.

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