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Ep 50 (w/ Gilbert Lawand): Boy Meets Girl and That’s That

Unofficial UFOlogists/comedians Sam Rose and Brian Bahe talk with comedian Gilbert Lawand (@GilbertLawand, Red Clay Comedy Festival) about a rainbow UFO fall out of the sky in Hermiston, Washington; an orb disappearing and reappearing over Morehead City, North Carolina; and an orb UFO caught on camera over Gloucester, United Kingdom.

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Ep 18 (w/ Alex Ptak): F*ck You, Diane

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Alex Ptak (@PtakJokes, Left Jest Podcast) about a UFO “following” Donald Trump’s Helicopter during the Iowa State Fair; an alien-like image captured during an online video chat session in Ellensburg, Virginia; two triangle-shaped UFOs seen over Hudson, Wisconsin; and a UFO seen over Macclesfield, England.

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