Monthly Archives: October 2018

Ep 98 (w/ Benjamin Hoffman): Ultra-Terrestrial

Unofficial UFOlogists/official comedians Brian Bahe and Sam Rose talk with comedian Benjamin Hoffman (@benjaminhoffazz) about his firsthand UFO sighting over Pensacola Beach, Florida; a triangle shaped UFO seen over Longwood, Florida; a teardrop shaped UFO that remained stationary for over 2 hours over Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and an old video of white orbs over Tremonton, Utah.

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Ep 97 (w/ Maria Wojciechowski):

Unofficial UFOlogists/Official Comedians Brian Bahe and Sam Rose talk with comedian Maria Wojciechowski (@RiaWojo) about a fireball in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; a ufo over Owens Cross Road, Alabama; and a video of an UFO of Clarksburg, Maryland.

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