Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ep 12 (w/ Patrick Hastie): It’s All About How You Wring It

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Patrick Hastie (@patrickhastie, Jackknife Comedy, Old Bits/New Bits) about a triangle-shaped UFO hovering over Ellicott, Colorado; a worm-like UFO photographed over Washington, DC; and a “one of the most significant UFO videos of all time” from Yeni Kent Compound, Turkey.

Ep 11 (w/ Diego Lopez): Bring Back Chatroulette

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Diego Lopez (@diegonofun, Da Snack Boys, Komedy at Kinfolk) about a disc UFO photographed over Salt Lake City, Utah; a tear drop-shaped UFO with fins over Auburn, Washington; and a UFO sighting at the World Trade Center.

Ep 10 (w/ Mary Cella): Tom Delonge + Solange = Tom Solange

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Mary Cella (@mary_cella, Female Comedians (with Tits!), Dodgers Baseball) about two orb UFOs “exchanging plasma” over Washington, DC; a triangle-shaped UFO over Bella Vista, Arkansas; and a video of unidentified lights over Concord, New Hampshire.

Ep 9 (w/ David Piccolomini):

Sam and Brian talk with comedian David Piccolomini (@piccolomeany, Tinder Tales Podcast) about a basketball-sized, star-like UFO seen over Revere, Massachusetts; a triangle-shaped UFO hovering over Arnold, Missouri; and a clip on of a “perverted” alien peeking into someone’s window.

Ep 8 (w/ Hannah Boone): Cooling Off

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Hannah Boone (@boonecomedy, Bridgetown Comedy Festival) about a disc-shaped UFO photographed over Lee’s Summit, Missouri; a triangle-shaped UFO near Mount Baker in Deming, Washington; and video of a woman that claimed to have been impregnated by an alien and given birth to an alien hybrid.