Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ep 7 (w/ Alex Fleming): Pyramid Power

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Alex Fleming (@alex_h_fleming, Great Question with Alex Fleming Podcast) about a historical 1914 encounter with aliens in Hamburg, Germany; UFOs forming a triangle shape over Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and a UFO “escorted” by jet fighters over Izmir, Turkey.

Ep 5 (w/ Rachel Coleman): The One That Turns Into a “The Purge” Podcast

Sam and Brian talk with comedian Rachel Coleman (@rachelscoleman, No Cool Kids, We’re All Getting Laid) about two triangle UFOs seen over Barnegat Light, New Jersey; an encounter with a low flying circle-shaped UFO in Clinton Township, Michigan; and the “Roswell that Ends Well” episode of Futurama.

Ep 4 (w/ Leif Enoksen): Legal Fireworks in Area 51

Sam and Brian talk with comedian and podcast host Leif Enoksen (@saidleif, bear w/ leif Podcast) about the Phoenix Lights sighting in Phoenix, Arizona from 1997; a triangle-shaped UFO seen over Ludington, Michigan; and a low flying, black UFO seen over Shelby County, Ohio.